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Southwestern's Middle School Physical Education Program foundation is sports. Numerous lifetime leisure activities and team sports are involved in this curricula. Skill development is emphasized throughout the middle level. This curriculum stresses the importance of physical fitness specifically heart health. Various units throughout the curricula are cardiovascular based which follows progressive wellness.

There are high expectations for student respective behavior, cooperation, sportsmanship, and safety practices. These standards are upheld consistently by all teachers. There is acceptance of all ability and skill levels. Students are required to maintain appropriate ethics for student diversity.


Sixth Grade
Sixth grade physical education emphasizes skill development, cooperation, lifetime sports, team sports, and physical fitness. Lifetime sports include tennis, fishing, bowling, cross country skiing, orienteering (compass & hiking), and dance. Team sports are kinball, basketball, cricket (European softball), and volleyball. Fitness units involve various activities and individual fitness goal setting. Other units are team challenges, gymnastics, and multi-cultural games.

Seventh Grade
Seventh grade physical education emphasis is physical fitness, lifetime sports, and team sports. Fitness units are par course circuit conditioning and weight training. Lifetime sports include badminton, bowling, and tennis. Team sports involved are soccer, football, volleyball, team handball, basketball, and softball. Other units are stunts & tumbling and track & field.

Eighth Grade
Eighth grade physical education emphasis is physical fitness, lifetime sports, and team sports. Fitness units are weight training and aerobic conditioning. Lifetime sports include golf, recreational games, cross country skiing, badminton, bowling, tennis, and archery. Team sports involved are football, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, and softball.

  • High School: Graduated from Cuba City (grew up just outside of Dickeyville, WI)

  • College: Graduated from UW-Platteville with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education/Health Education

  • Family: Married to Staci, we have a daughter Avery and a son Rylan

  • Hobbies: Running (especially trail running), baseball and golf

  • Started teaching at Southwestern in 2001

ph: 608.854.2261


Justin Hahn

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