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Early Childhood: Exceptional Education is a program

for children ages three to six years old who exhibit

delays in one or more of the developmental areas

(motor, cognition, personal social, adaptive, and



Children enrolled in the Early Childhood: Exceptional Educational Needs program are just beginning their educational experience. We make a special effort to help them feel comfortable in our school environment. The program provides opportunities for children to play, make choices, and learn at their own pace. Individual, small group, and total group experiences are provided. Teacher-directed and child-directed opportunities are an important part of our students’ school day.


In planning for lessons and activities, tasks are modified to meet the individual learning styles and needs of each child. Parent and family participation is an important component for the success of our program.


The program is designed to meet individual needs; therefore, each student’s schedule will reflect the amount of time that is adequate to meet those specified needs. Typically, there will be a combination of center-based and home-based programming.

Jill Kuhl

ES/MS Aide

  • Assists in Special Ed. classroom

  • Has worked with Mrs. Muller since 2009. 

  • Lives in Hazel Green with her husband, Fred and their 4 children.  She also has a new grandson!

  • In her free time, Jill spends time camping and at her children's sporting events. 

  • She's a true Wildcat fan!

Cheryl Rieken

Early Childhood Teacher

  • graduated from UW-Whitewater in December of 1991. 

  • earned her Masters Degree in Education (MSE). 

  • currently holds an Early Childhood Special Education license along with a Pre-K through 6th grade regular education license

  • lives on a small farm in the Southwestern Community School District

  • married and has two boys who attend Southwestern Schools

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