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Southwestern First Grade has used the team teaching method for the last 11 years!  We think it benefits students both academically and socially.  With the teachers working together, more time can be given to those students who need extra help and also to those students who would benefit by additional challenges.  Our first grade assessments and standardized test scores continue to be impressive and we feel the team teaching method has been a positive factor. 


There are many social advantages to the team teaching method and more opportunities for friendship.  Student problems and concerns can be addressed and corrected immediately without losing valuable learning time, as one teacher can deal with a situation while the rest of the class is being taught.


The first graders seem to really enjoy having two teachers and appreciate the variety of activities and interests that each teacher brings to the classroom.  Our administration has been very supportive of our team teaching concept and we appreciate the fact that they are involved in our success.

Amie Clark

First Grade Teacher

  • This is Mrs. Clark's 6th year of teaching first grade at Southwestern. She previously taught second grade for one year.

Tammy Brand

First Grade Teacher

  • This is Mrs. Brand's 27th year of teaching and her 19th year of teaching Southwestern first grade.

Abby Timm

First Grade Teacher

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