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"Academic and Career Planning (ACP) is a student-driven, adult-supported process in which students create and cultivate their own unique and information-based visions for post-secondary success, obtained through self-exploration, and the development of career management and planning skills." ~ Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

ACP utilizes the KNOW, EXPLORE, PLAN, AND GO process. This begins throughout

the school experienceat Southwestern Community School District.  


Academic and Career planning is an essential key to a students development and success. Students are more likely to

be successful if they know where they are going and they know the steps they need to take to make their plans happen.


Why is it important to focus on College & Career Readiness?

The more students can connect what they are learning now to their future, the more prepared they will be for success. Through their planning and learning experiences in middle and high school, students will also learn that it is important to be ready for change, as it is likely they will have multiple careers in their lifetime.



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