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Southwestern Middle School Science 


6th Grade:  During 6th grade we study Earth science.  We cover a large area of topics ranging from a little chemistry to minerals and rocks.  Along the way we discuss volcanoes, earthquakes, weather and pollution, ending the year exploring astronomy.


7th Grade:  During 7th grade we will primarily focus on Biology (the study of life).  From cells to genetics to plants and diseases, if it has to do with life it is a possible area of study.


8th Grade: 8th grade students will get to experience a science class that is very different from those they have had before.  During 8th grade students start a program called Project Lead The Way (PLTW).  PLTW offers students a very hands on student driven learning approach.  We cover topics like engineering and design, human anatomy and medical fields, flight and space etc.  We are also working on implementing a robotics portion.  While challenging, many students also find this curriculum rewarding and more interesting.  

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