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Elizabeth Powell

Art has been shown to develop and improve inventiveness, cultural awareness, fine motors skills, decision making, visual learning and overall academic achievement.


At Southwestern High School we offer four art classes – Art I, Art II, Art III and Art IV. Art I can be thought of as a basic design class. Basic design concepts such as perspective, color, line, etc. are emphasized. In Art II the focus is on two-dimensional art such as drawing and painting. Three-dimensional art such as ceramics and sculpture are the main focus of Art III. Finally, Art IV is an independent class where students complete projects in many mediums of art with an emphasis on developing a portfolio.

The Art department would like to publicly thank Storey Dreessens and the Carol Kolbe family for their generous donations of handmolds and drying cloths for papermaking. This equipment will be used this summer during the elementary Summer School program and during the regular school year with the middle and high school students. We are so grateful that the school and the Art department, in particular, was honored with these gifts.

Elizabeth Powell

High School Art Teacher

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