Welcome to Second Grade!  Second grade is such a magical and important year!  Your child will be making a lot of educational growth, and we will be setting and working towards new goals throughout second grade.


This page is a resource for you as parents to help your child achieve success and to answer questions about our classroom procedures.  Also, as things change throughout the year, we will keep you informed and updated.  If you still have questions or concerns regarding anything, please feel free to contact us.  Together we will work as a team to make second grade a successful learning experience for your child!


How can we keep informed?

We feel communication is a very important key to a successful relationship between parents, teachers, and students.  Reminders will be sent out via email.  Notes will also be sent home, as needed.  PLEASE check your child’s binder or folder for updates, reminders, and notes.  A class newsletter will be sent home with your child every Friday with important updates from the week.



Your child will have homework every night.  This homework consists of reading, practicing their spelling words, along with completing a nightly math homework sheet.  Every Monday the spelling list for the week will be sent home and every Friday we will have a spelling test.  Your child may have other work to complete at home that could not be completed at school.  Notes regarding any changes will be sent home as needed.


Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic book orders will be sent home with your child each month.  This is a wonderful opportunity to buy and share quality literature with your child.  You may participate as often as you would like.  Online ordering is also available and information will be sent home at a later date.  Checks may be accepted for payment.  Please write checks out to Scholastic Book Club.  NO CASH!


We are delighted and honored to be trusted with your child.  We will do our very best to give them fun-filled, happy days of learning.


Ms. Brandt and Ms. Swift

Connie Brandt

Second Grade Teacher

Pilar Swift

Second Grade Teacher

  • I grew up in Kieler, Wisconsin and attended Southwestern High School.

  • I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1990 from UW-Platteville and a master’s degree in 2003 from St. Mary’s, Minnesota.

  • I started teaching at Southwestern in 1991.  

  • I have three daughters.

  • I cheer for the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers.

  • I enjoy baking, swimming, and spending time with my family.

  • I earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from
    UW-Platteville in 1990

  • I have been a Southwestern Wildcat, teaching second grade,
    since 1991

  • My oldest daughter teaches at SW also, Ms. Pearce

  • All three of my sisters are teachers, as were my parents

  • I have two daughters and one son

  • I am a huge football fan; I love the Packers

  • I love my job at SW and am proud to be part of the Southwestern Teaching Team

Second Grade News

As a way to make reading fun in the
second grade classrooms, Ms. Brandt and Ms. Swift invite “Mystery Readers” to read a favorite book to the students.
Mystery Readers can be anyone from parents, grandparents, faculty members, or community members. The readers are asked to send five clues to the teachers. Each day the teachers give the students one clue to build suspense and keep the students guessing as to who the Mystery Reader is for the week. The students LOVE this fun activity as they truly do benefit from an adult sharing their love of reading.

This week is Read Across America week. In celebrating it and Dr. Seuss's birthday, Kelly Altiflish came to read a Dr. Seuss book to our second graders. Kelly volunteered through the United Way out of Dubuque. Kelly is a Southwestern Wildcat as well!
Karissa Spiller stopped by 2nd grade to read the book "Invisible Boy".
Mr. Vogt was the mystery reader in second grade this week. Mr. Vogt was just hired as our Student Needs Facilitator. Although this is a new position for Mr. Vogt, he is not new to our Wildcat district. He previously taught social studies at the high school. The students love seeing Mr. Vogt in our classrooms each day.
Nikki and Adam Riedl were the mystery readers this week!
The weekly Mystery Reader is Josh Arensdorff. Thanks for visiting 2nd grade!
Mr. Costello shared "Mr. Tanen's Tie Trouble" as a Mystery Reader with the second graders. In the story, the principal sells his ties to fund a new playground at school. Mr. Costello brought in many, many, many of his ties! The second graders agreed that he should sell his Iowa Hawkeye one!
Chief Monahan was a Mystery Reader in second grade this week. He read their reading story "Officer Buckle and Gloria." The students really enjoyed listening to him share the story.
Mrs. Arensdorff visited 2nd grade to read a great story!
The Mystery Reader in 2nd grade this week was Kami Bornemeier! Kami is Will's sister and was a PEER helper in Ms. Swift's class this past semester. The students loved working with Kami and hearing her read two stories to them.
Southwestern's own, Mr. Hahn, stopped by 2nd grade to read a cool book.
Sarah Adams, Michael's mom, was the Mystery Reader in 2nd grade. The students loved the stories, treats and "Be Kind Bingo".
Ben Vogt came and read to our class today. He did a great job and the kids enjoyed it!
Theresa Deininger visited the class and read "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs".
Joseph Aiuppie was the Mystery Reader on Thursday this week in second grade. He is Darien's dad. The students really enjoyed his visit.
Mystery Reader
Second grade got a visit from Ariel Ebersviller. Ms. Eversviller read the book "Town Mouse, Country Mouse"!
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