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  • Graduated from Southwestern High School in 2006

  • Attended UW-Whitewater for one year before transferring and graduating from UW-Platteville in the spring of 2011

  • After graduating college, Mr. Budden accepted a PE job at his alma-mater

  • Head Coach of the high school baseball team



The very young children's physical education is movement through the exploration of numerous motor activities. Emphasis is on their movement awareness. Their program involves perceptual motor skills (moving through personal and general space, moving in different directions, body awareness, self control), nonlocomotor skills (creating shapes, moving at different levels), locomotor skills (jump, slide, gallop, hop), cooperative games, hand/foot-eye coordination (balls, beanbags, balloons, hoops), low organized games, and other various activities (parachutes, stunts & tumbling, gymnastics, dance).


First & Second Grade

Young elementary children's physical education emphasizes movement awareness (spacial, different speeds, receive & transfer weight, qualities of force, relaxation), basic skills (kick, throw, catch, strike, balance), cooperation, and physical fitness. Movement experiences include cooperative games, fitness activities, rhythmics, team challenges, activities (jump ropes, gymnastics, tumbling, juggling, frisbees), and leadup games (bowling, soccer, track & field, volleyball, basketball).


Third Grade

The upper elementary students participate in sport units. The emphasis is cooperation and skill development. Lead-up games are taught for the introduction needed for various team and individual sports plus physical fitness. Lifetime sports included are frisbees, orienteering, pickle- ball, bowling, roller blading, and dance. Team sports included are soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, football, and hockey. Other activities covered are cooperative games, track & field, gymnastics, tumbling, and team challenges.


Nick Budden

Elementary P.E. Teacher

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