Myleen Bass

Southwestern Elementary School Art 

As an Art teacher and an Art Club leader, I value greatly the mixture of students and Art, which benefit the community on a daily basis. To be a part of learning in any student's life is a great gift to me as a teacher and to the community as a whole. Everyone benefits when students learn Art. The cycle of Art in student's lives brings culture and in-depth thought to all other subjects around them, which positively affects learning. This enables Art to link student-to-teacher, teacher-to-parent, and parent-to-administration, which then continues on into the community.

Contact Information During COVID-19


  • Look for a newsletter each Friday.

  • Connect with me via Zoom Fridays from 9-10AM or by appointment.

  • Email me anytime. 

  • Oversees both ES/MS and HS Libraries and teaches Art to grades K-4

  • Myleen graduated from Lancaster Senior High School and obtained her B.S. in Art Education from UW-Platteville

  • She went on to receive a M.S. degree in Library Science from UW-LaCrosse.

  • She has one son and two grandchildren.

  • She currently resides in Platteville with her husband, three dogs and two cats.

  • Hobbies include art, gardening and traveling.

  • She has worked at Southwestern since August of 1991.

PreK-12 Library Media Specialist

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