Tom Koeller


Classroom Option:

The driver ed class is held for three weeks in June at Southwestern High School from 8:00am-10:00am.  Students are only allowed to miss ONE meeting.  If there is a schedule conflict, please look into the online option.  Students who choose this option will receive in-person instruction by Mr. Koeller which meets the Wisconsin requirements for driver education.  Students will also complete their behind-the-wheel lessons with Mr. Koeller throughout the summer and into the following school year.  Students who select this option should see Mr. Koeller for directions on obtaining a learners' permit.


Current Fees:

Classroom = $106.00

Behind-The-Wheel = $320.00 (Effective June 1st 2018)


Online Option:

The online classroom option is available at any time during the year.  The advantages of the online option are: 1) Students can start immediately after turning 15, 2)The coursework can be stretched out over a much longer period of time.  Students choosing the online option will usually still complete behind-the-wheel lessons with Mr. Koeller.

If you are interested in the online option, please contact Annette Biggin at SWTC... 1-800-362-3322 Ext. 2466 or


Current Fees:

Online Classroom = $115.15

Behind-The-Wheel = $320.00 (Effective June 1st 2018 )

ph: 608.854.2261 x233

  • Born in Dubuque, Ia

  • Raised in Potosi, WI 

  • Active in Students Against Driving Drunk, Student Council, Letterman’s Club, FCA and played football and baseball at Potosi HS 

  • Upon HS graduation, attended SWTC and received an associate’s degree in Electromechanical Technology

  • Worked at Milprint Incorporated in Lancaster, Wi as an industrial electrician for six years

  • Attended UW-P and graduated in May 2003 with a baccalaureate degree in Social Science Comprehensive and a teacher certification  

  • Taught at Maquoketa HS for one year

  • Hired to teach at SW in June 2004

  • Earned a Masters Degree in Education Administration from UWP in 2011

  • Tom and his wife Kate have three children - Lauren, Emily, and Evan