Sarah Weber

HS Special Education Teacher

Special Education services at Southwestern High School are generated by the needs of individual students and State and Federal guidelines. All students receiving services must meet State definitions of handicapping conditions or medical diagnosis. Typical services are provided for students with learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, cognitive disabilities, and medical reasons such as deafness, visual impairment, acquired brain injuries, etc.


Each student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) developed each school year with specific goals and objectives set to their personal needs. Accommodations and modifications as to needs in regular classes are also set at IEP meetings. The Southwestern High School Resource Program provides a Resource Study Hall for students with special needs to help them with tutoring, study skills, test taking, and it is also a quiet place to go. This service is available every hour of the school day.

Transition is also an important and required component of Special Education. Throughout all classes, students are taught skills and introduced to resources that will help them succeed in life after high school, no matter what path they decide to take.


Special Education course work as prescribed in the IEP could include one or more of the following classes:

Freshmen |  English 9

Sophomores |  English 10

Juniors | American Literature 11

Seniors | English 12

Freshmen | Basic Math 9

Sophomores | Pre-Algebra 10

Juniors | Algebra 11

Seniors | Life Skills Math 12

Transition and Self-Advocacy

Life Skills

Social Skills

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Jalyn Kephart

HS Special Education Aide


Jessica Zeller

HS Special Education Aide